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New vs Used Stairlifts for Chichester Homes

West Sussex Stairlifts is an experienced supplier of specialist machinery to help clients who are no longer able to walk up and down stairs. Our new and used stairlifts enable clients to use the upper floors of their Chichester homes independently. We also offer a full range of related services, including stairlift repairs and stairlift servicing, at affordable prices for property owners who already have stairlifts installed.


Stairlifts are, for many of our Chichester customers, the difference between living an independent life and having to move to single-floor accommodation. For those wishing to continue living in a Chichester property with more than one floor, the biggest decision to consider is whether to go for brand new or used stairlifts.


Used Stairlifts


One of the main reasons people choose used stairlifts over new stairlifts is cost. Typically, used stairlifts are fitted with new stair rails and still have many of the features of a much newer model. Remote controls, padded seats, backrests and safety sensors usually come as standard. Used stairlifts sold to clients in Chichester will usually have had regular stairlift servicing or will have come to us for stairlift repairs prior to sale.


People with limited budgets and incomes find used stairlifts to be a more realistic and economical choice, and the stairlifts we supply can be of significant help to those who have been previously struggling to reach the upper floors of their Chichester homes. Perhaps most importantly, stairlifts help our clients retain dignity and a freer lifestyle.


All used stairlifts come with a 12-month guarantee and we recommend that after this period, you use us for stairlift servicing in Chichester on a regular basis. This will prevent unexpected breakdowns and help you avoid potentially costly stairlift repairs. Another option is to rent stairlifts on weekly terms.


We ask for a one-off installation fee followed by a small weekly payment. 24/7 callouts for breakdowns are included in our rental packages at no extra charge. Clients in Chichester who use us for rentals also benefit from inclusive stairlift repairs and stairlift servicing.



New Stairlifts


Customers in Chichester with larger budgets tend to go with new stairlifts as they know they’ll be supplied and installed with 3-year warranties and pristine-condition mechanics.  We supply a wide range of new stairlifts and work closely with you to make sure the one you require is a perfect fit for your shape and weight. With reconditioned and used stairlifts, we may not always have something available to suit your body.


We recommend continued maintenance to all buyers who invest our products. Regular stairlift servicing provides our Chichester customers with peace of mind and also lessens the chances of unexpected breakdowns. In turn, this means that we are rarely called out to provide stairlift repairs. Hopefully, the information we’ve provided on the advantages of new and used stairlifts will help you decide on which type will best suit your needs.


To find out if new or used stairlifts would be best for your Chichester home, call West Sussex Stairlifts now on 01293 220653. All advice and quotations are free.

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