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The Past, Present and Future of Stairlifts in Littlehampton

If you need stairlift repairs, stairlift servicing or are currently thinking about the installation of one of our used stairlifts, the team at West Sussex Stairlifts provides one-stop solutions for elderly and infirm clients in Littlehampton. Stairlifts provide much-needed help for people of all ages, helping those who have previously found it difficult or impossible to travel upstairs. We provide our services at fair and competitive prices.


Have you ever thought about who invented stairlifts, and how they became a more common and affordable way of moving between the ground and upper levels of homes in Littlehampton? We did some research and was surprised to find some of the facts behind their origins and how stairlifts worked their way into domestic properties.


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We’ve been undertaking stairlift servicing and stairlift repairs in Littlehampton during more recent times but the origins of stairlifts date back as far as the 16th century. Did you know King Henry VIII used stairlifts? He was injured in a jousting accident and, to help the mercurial monarch up and down the many stairs at Hampton Court Palace, he was pulled by servants while sitting on a platform with a basic pulley system.


However, it took another 500 years for the first commercial stairlifts to become available. The first type of the modern era was built by C.C. Crispin in Pennsylvania, who wanted to find a way to move a friend from floor to floor. The machine (which was called the “Inclin-ator”) was sold commercially in the 1930’s. This started what is now a global market for new and used stairlifts, both worldwide and, of course, in Littlehampton.


The Modern World of Stairlifts


Modern stairlifts provide users with more independence. They allow users to stay in their own homes in Littlehampton and enable unlimited access to multiple floors. Today’s stairlifts are comfortable, strong, safe and surprisingly simple to use. They include arm rests, safety switches, remote controls and many other special features.


At West Sussex Stairlifts, we have a wide range of new and used stairlifts available for customers in Littlehampton to buy or rent. These can be used on straight or curved staircases. We also carry out stairlift repairs and provide regular stairlift servicing, enabling your installation to run smoothly at your Littlehampton property at all times.


What does the future hold for stairlifts? Because more and more people in Littlehampton and the UK now live longer, we believe that investment will keep growing. Innovation will result in less need for stairlift repairs, so new and used stairlifts should become cheaper and the more vulnerable amongst us will find greater independence.


For more information on stairlifts, please call us now on 01293 220 653. West Sussex Stairlifts supply a wide range of services to customers in Littlehampton and beyond.

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